Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brooder Room building

Almost ten years we've lived in this house, and the shed is still left for storage. Yes, the thought of it being a chicken coop came to mind a couple of times, but it never really happened. So, now, my father is going to section off a quarter of it (which is LOTS of space) to make a brooder room.
It really looks crappier in this picture than it really is. Yeah, it's a fixer-upper,  but that's fine by me!
I'll keep posting pictures to show what it looks like!
April 1st-
This brooder room- my father calls it 'mine' is going to be used for chicks, rabbits, quail, possibly a house for the cats and whatever other animals we acquire. Today, two and a half walls were put up. Let me tell you- I was a bit scared when my father was jacking up the middle beams. I don't know exactly how old it really is, but it's old. Upon cleaning it out, we found a wooden plow piece. In the cement, which is probably younger than the actual shed (originally a small barn) there are a bunch of names, and the year 1975. On the wall, in the photo above, you can JUST see the corner (on the right side) of the liscense plate hanging off the wall. It's an Ontario plate with the date 1945 on it... That's older than my one Grandmother!
This isn't my side- it's the other. 

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